Golf course living: a retiree’s dream

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You're an aging boomer looking to cross over that retirement finish line in the next few years, and you've decided it's time to put some meaning into that Chinese fortune cookie that you keep getting -- "big changes ahead." After 30 years, you're ready to bolt the cul de sac for a brand-new house in a residential golf course community where you live out your dream -- 18 holes at least four days a week. Your spouse doesn't share your passion for the game, and her first reaction is not so positive. If we're going to move, she says, shouldn't we be doing the environmentally correct thing and move to a place with higher density where we can use public transportation, and walk to work (she's not retiring yet) and everyday shopping needs? She's right on that point. You won't be walking to work in a golf course community unless you work at home -- most new residential golf course communities are built on the far edges of suburbia, where the land costs are low enough to make such a project f...