How to rid ex-spouse’s name from real estate title

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DEAR BOB: When I got divorced in 2001, I was awarded the house that my ex-husband and I held in joint tenancy. At that time, he signed a quitclaim deed to me, which I recorded. I later refinanced the mortgage in my name alone. How can I be sure the house is 100 percent mine? --Sandra N. DEAR SANDRA: When you recorded the quitclaim deed from your husband to you, presuming there was nothing irregular about that document, that should have removed his name from the title to your house. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. You can double-check by contacting the title insurance company that issued the lender's title policy at the time you refinanced. By checking the file, you can be reassured you are the sole owner of the property. It would have been very unusual for a mortgage lender to refinance in your name alone if you weren't the sole owner of the home. GRANDMA'S WILL LEFT HOME TO 15-YEAR-OLD GRANDSON DEAR BOB: My mother passed away about a year ago. In her will, she left the title to he...