How to sell home acquired under premarital name

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DEAR BOB: Before I was married about five years ago, I bought my house in my maiden name. After we got married, my husband moved into my house. We never changed the title to add his name. Since marriage, I have been using his last name. When I sell the house, do I need a court order because I took title in my previous name? --Suzanna R. DEAR SUZANNA: No. Thousands of property owners took title in one name but for various reasons, usually marriage, they changed their legal names before selling that property. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. When you sell your house, you will be asked to sign the deed using your current name with the notation "who took title as" and then your maiden name. For example, suppose you took title as Suzanna Smith but your name is now Suzanna Rogers. You would sign the deed in front of a notary public, so your signature can be notarized, as Suzanna Rogers, who took title as Suzanna Smith. It's that easy. For more details, ask a local title officer. PROOF YOUR...