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Technology gains ground in home transactions

Survey: Most home sellers choose full-service brokerage

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Technology is dominating many aspects of the real estate transaction process, but the most important factors are purely human, according to an industry survey of home buyers and sellers. Most sellers prefer full-service brokerage, where brokers handle all aspects of the transaction process from listing to closing, according the survey, which found that 83 percent of sellers use full-service brokerage, 9 percent use limited services and 8 percent use minimal service, such as simply listing a property on a MLS. The study, released by the National Association of Realtors, was based on a mailed questionnaire and asked buyers and sellers about preferences and habits in real estate transactions. NAR 2006 President Thomas M. Stevens from Vienna, Va., said historic comparisons are not available, but that limited and minimal services were a relatively small market share in the past and the question was not part of previous surveys. "Anecdotally, there's been a modest rise in recent years, and...