When the cold winds blow

How to dodge annoying home drafts

When the cold winds blow, the last thing you want to do is invite them inside to join you for the evening. One of the best ways to keep those uninvited guests outside is to make sure the weatherstripping on your exterior doors is working effectively, so take a little time this weekend to check their condition and replace them if necessary. There are actually several kinds of weatherstripping used on doors, and while just about any one will work on the majority of doors, some are definitely better than others.  Integrated Foam Strip:  This is the type of weatherstripping found on most new doors, and is both simple and effective. It consists of a semi-rigid foam strip -- often encased in a tough, flexible outer sheath that helps protect the foam from damage -- that fits between the door and the stop. The foam is attached to a wood, metal, or plastic strip that in turn slips into a slot cut into the doorstop. If your door currently has this type of weatherstripping and it is wo...