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Yahoo partners with 150 newspapers

Alliance to create large advertising network

Yahoo Inc. today announced partnerships with more than 150 daily U.S. newspapers to deliver search, graphical and classified advertising to consumers. The new alliance will begin with recruitment advertising using Yahoo! HotJobs, and then Yahoo will start providing search, content and local applications across the newspapers' Web sites. The arrangement is expected to boost exposure for newspapers' local content. Yahoo plans to offer its search tools to newspaper Web sites, as well as local products like Yahoo! Local listings, Yahoo! Maps and Event Listings. Newspapers will also be able to use Yahoo's technology to sell online advertising on newspaper sites, and newspapers' content will be distributed via Yahoo's search and news portals. "We believe the local segment is largely untapped and provides significant opportunities to expand audience engagement and subsequently grow local advertising," said Terry Semel, chairman and chief executive of Yahoo Inc. The newspaper groups in Yahoo...