Don’t overlook metal when shopping for a roof

Material is nearly maintenance-free

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If the time has come to invest in a new roof, it might be worth taking a close look at metal roofing as an option. Metal roofing is far more attractive than you might think and is available in a surprising number of colors and patterns. And while it is a more expensive option than many other types of roofing, you'll enjoy the benefits of a roof that is virtually maintenance free and that will probably last the life of house. For most people, it truly is the last roof they will ever have to buy for their home. Besides its durability, metal roofing has some other advantages as well. In areas with cold winters, snow and ice tends to slide off the roof much more readily then it will with other types of roofing, preventing potentially dangerous snow buildups. And since a typical metal roof installation has virtually no horizontal seams, problems with ice damming are eliminated. This lack of horizontal seams also makes metal roofing ideal for low-pitched roofs, and it will work very effecti...