Weak water pressure mystery solved

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Q: In one of our bathrooms (built in the 1960s), the water pressure in the shower is low. I've changed showerheads and it makes no noticeable difference. This seems strange because it is located next to the master bathroom (remodeled in the 1990s), which has great water pressure. While both bathrooms must be connected to the same main water pipe, the showers have remarkably different water pressures. I'm planning to renovate the old bathroom, taking out the old tiles and putting in new ones. This will give me access to the shower pipes, so is it an opportunity to fix the water pressure problem, and if so, how? A: You've provided all the clues we need to solve the problem. The 1960s shower has low pressure, while the newer model has great pressure. You've changed the showerhead and that didn't help. So we can rule that out. Yes, they are connected to the same main line, so the problem has to be in the shower itself. We're pretty certain that the low pressure you're experiencing in t...