Neighbors sue dairy farm over health concerns

Manure's smell, disposal at center of NIMBY controversy

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C&R Vanderham Dairy received the necessary county permits to construct a large facility for 1,456 milk cows and 1,408 "support stock" on its 60-acre farm. However, neighbors objected, arguing the facility would prove an objectionable aroma in the vicinity, and disposal of manure could become a problem. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. They formed the Association of Irritated Residents (AIR), an unincorporated association, to bring this lawsuit to have the facility closed. They alleged the dairy would violate the federal Clean Air Act as well as state laws. The dairy owners, in response, said they had complied with all applicable laws and obtained the necessary permits or exemptions before starting construction. Vanderham argued the neighbors failed to first exhaust administrative remedies before bringing this lawsuit to close or restrict the dairy farm. In addition, Vanderham noted it obtained exemption letters from the appropriate regulators, and AIR was attacking the wron...