Selling home difficult when neighbor’s a slob

One man's clutter, another's real estate nightmare

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DEAR BOB: My mother's neighbors moved in about four years ago. Since then they have accumulated cars (on blocks), a shed that is overflowing, and many piles with blue tarps. I am afraid when my mother wants to sell her home (she is 84), she will have problems. What recourse does she have? --Darlene H. DEAR DARLENE: Your mother should consult the appropriate city or county code-enforcement officials to see if the neighbors are violating any ordinances. If so, ask the government to enforce its ordinances. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. If there is no law violation, however, there isn't much your mother can do unless the situation is a fire hazard or creates other danger. She should consult a local real estate attorney to see if the situation is so bad it constitutes a private nuisance, which can be abated by court action. LIVING TRUST IS USUALLY BETTER THAN A LIFE ESTATE DEAR BOB: I have encouraged my mother to create a revocable living trust to avoid probate when she passes on....