Can property partner force sale of condo?

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DEAR BOB: Two years ago my partner and I bought a condo together. I paid the entire down payment and we have split the mortgage payments, condo fees and property taxes since then. However, he recently moved out and says he wants his half of the equity (which I figure is around $45,000). I don't have that kind of money to buy him out. Nor will I be able to pay the expenses on my own. Can he force the sale of our condo? --Tamara Y. DEAR TAMARA: If both names are on the title, the answer is yes. Your ex-partner can bring a partition lawsuit to force the sale of the condo with a split of the sales proceeds. However, if his name is not on the title, he can't bring a partition lawsuit. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. You will need to hire a real estate attorney if he sues for partition so your interests can be protected. Because you paid the down payment, your attorney will make certain you receive that amount before the sales proceeds are divided. A partition sale is a possibility w...