Real estate investing’s top tax, legal issues

New book tackles depreciation, best ways to hold title

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Whether you are a real estate "newbie" who wants to learn the basic benefits, or an "old pro" who wants to learn advanced investing techniques, "Real Estate Advantages" by CPA Sharon Lechter and attorney Garrett Sutton offers something for every reader. The book is organized into two sections. The first is about the tax benefits of owning real estate. The second is about the legal strategies, with an especially strong explanation of the best ways to hold title to investment property and why. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Just about everyone knows it's a good idea to invest in sound, well-located real estate. This new book explains why realty investing can be so profitable, including the all-important tax benefits, which most investors don't fully understand. Lechter and Sutton have a knack for simplifying the complicated, such as tax depreciation. Even savvy investors often don't fully understand depreciation is a paper loss or tax deduction, which doesn't require any out-of-...