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Experts discuss sharing, openness in real estate marketing

Panel includes technologists, brokerage industry experts

NEW YORK -- During a discussion of broker Internet strategies at a real estate conference Monday, Justin McCarthy of Google said the real estate industry appears to be shifting toward openness rather than exclusivity in the sharing of property information. While brokers had historically discussed how to keep listings away from aggregator sites that sought to share more listings information with consumers, McCarthy said the discussion is now about "how do you get listings to all of these sites." "It's nice to know ... we're having that conversation," he said. Google, with its Google Base online classified site, is one of many national Web sites that accepts information directly from real estate agents, brokers, home sellers and multiple listings services, and allows consumers to search and sort this collection of information. As the list grows, so do the questions from brokers and agents about how they should share property listings information. The answer is not universal, said partici...