Reason for selling is none of buyer’s business

Agent says it's intrusion, others say information will benefit all

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DEAR BOB: As a real estate agent, I must strongly disagree with you. Several weeks ago, you said home buyers (or the buyer's agent) should ask the seller, "Why are you selling your home?" That's none of the buyer's business. I specialize in listing homes and I frequently encounter distress situations, such as divorce, pending foreclosure, illness, and other reasons for selling that have nothing to do with the desirability of the residence. All the seller wants is a cash sale. Don't you agree? --John T. DEAR JOHN: No. It is the buyer's business why the seller is selling. As a longtime (40-years-plus) real estate investor, I've learned it pays to know why the seller is selling so I can tailor my purchase offer to meet the seller's needs. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. To illustrate, if the seller is in the foreclosure process, buyers need to know that so they can get the sale closed fast before the foreclosure auction. Or if the reason for the sale is a divorce, that usually means...