Beware of disappointing home-buying book

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Superficial. Incomplete. Well-organized. Those words describe "The Essential Home Buyer's Checklists" by Denise L. Evans. When I looked at the chapter titles and outline for this new book, I thought, "This is going to be a great book because it covers all the home-buying essentials." But I was wrong. This is a very complete collection of home-buying checklists, but without much depth. The organization is excellent, but the details are lacking. Surely author Denise L. Evans could have included either real-life examples or hypotheticals to illustrate the general principles she describes. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. Instead, readers are left on their own to flesh out the basics. For example, in the section explaining the importance of credit reports and credit scores, for some unexplained reason the author completely fails to even mention the most widely used FICO (Fair Isaac Corp.) credit scores and how readers can obtain theirs. She either didn't know about the superb www.myf...