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Inman Blog challenge: Your thoughts on DOJ lawsuit

Are antitrust fears overdone?

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Editor's note: The following post appearing in the Inman News Blog was submitted by Bernice Ross, author, real estate coach and Inman News columnist. Ross reflects on the latest status of the U.S. Justice Department's antitrust lawsuit against the National Association of Realtors. (See "DOJ details plans in lawsuit against Realtors.") Take the Inman Blog challenge and join the dialogue by commenting. You can do that by clicking here. Reverse Discrimination As an advocate of the benefits of providing full-service brokerage, I am deeply disappointed to see the DOJ continue with its lawsuit. The truth of the matter is that "the horse is out of the barn." You can find virtually every listing in the country on multiple Web sites. Furthermore, the number one real estate company online, according to, is ZipRealty. What really irks me, however, is that there is now a double standard when it comes to full service vs. limited or discount service. It's perfectly acceptable for alte...