Coastal markets attract top real estate agents

Survey: San Diego team takes home most money, closes most deals

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I've seen several real estate offices perform exceptional service for their customers. I've seen teams of agents work efficiently together -- every detail covered and in sync -- every question answered in a courteous, informative way. I've also sat in some offices, attempting to obtain basic information about an open house, and wondered how the company could keep any clients. Such an experience brings to mind the familiar phrase that "20 percent of the agents do 80 percent of the business." That's why I was intrigued when The Wall Street Journal and Real Trends, a real estate research and information company, joined forces last summer to research and publish the names and sales successes of the top 200 real estate professionals. The group sent out surveys to more than 7,000 realty firms, national networks, state and local Realtor associations, and training and education groups. It came as no surprise that America's coastal states, specifically California, Florida and New York, feat...