Paying extra mortgage principal online risky

Why money's not guaranteed to pay down balance, save interest

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DEAR BOB: I just had a very bad experience with my home mortgage company. For the last few years, I have been paying my mortgage on the Internet each month. I always included an extra $100 to $500 principal payment. However, my mortgage was recently sold to a new loan servicer. I was shocked to discover all my extra mortgage principal payments have been credited to my escrow account, which is supposed to pay my property taxes and homeowner's insurance when they come due. The result is I have several thousand extra dollars in that account. But none of my extra principal payments have reduced my mortgage balance. As I was expecting to save thousands of dollars of interest, what can I do now since my old loan servicer is gone? --Brian Y. DEAR BRIAN: Internet online mortgage payments are especially dangerous for borrowers because you never know for sure if extra principal payments are being properly credited to reduce your mortgage balance and save interest dollars. Purchase Bob Bruss re...