Kitchen facelift starts with cabinets

Tips on sizing, accessories, pricing

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Once upon a time, cabinets were site-built by the carpenters building the house. Today, in addition to the custom cabinets offered by cabinet shops, you can take advantage of the many lines of beautiful modular cabinets being offered by home centers, lumberyards, kitchen shops and other retailers. Modular cabinets are individual pre-manufactured cabinets that are joined together to form a complete kitchen. You'll find wall cabinets in different heights, base cabinets in every conceivable configuration, tall cabinets that span from the floor to the upper cabinets, and every type of trim piece, molding, filler and panel needed to complete the installation. Modular cabinets are now offered in an amazing array of styles, sizes, wood types, and stain and paint colors, along with an equally amazing selection of accessories. Whatever the size and architectural style of your home and no matter how you want to utilize your kitchen, you'll find modular cabinets that will fit the bill. MEASURE IT...