Prolonged real estate probate has inheritor worried

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DEAR BOB: I inherited a house and a two-family duplex from my uncle who died in 2004. The properties are located out of state. I have been in contact with the estate attorney who, I think, is "milking" this simple probate to get as much in fees as he can. It has now been more than two years since my uncle died. He left some stocks and bonds, plus a few bank accounts, and the two properties. But that's about it. The stocks and bonds, as well as the bank accounts, went to other heirs. There are no complications as far as I know. Do probates usually take two years? --Mavis R. DEAR MAVIS: If your late uncle left a written will, unless there are contested debts to be paid or other complications, a two-year probate is far too long to distribute the assets to the heirs. Because you live out of state, the probate attorney probably figures you are in no hurry so there is no urgency to close the probate proceeding. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. I suggest you write a polite letter to the...