Tips for cleaning baseboard heaters

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Q: Do you have any ideas on how to clean my Cadet baseboard heaters?  When I first turn them on for the winter, I get a black film on the wall above the heater.  What should I do? --G.K. A: What's probably happening is that during the time the heater is off, dust or other material is accumulating inside the unit. When the heater is turned on in winter, this material burns off and streaks the wall.  First of all, try to minimize the dust buildup. This might be done by rearranging furniture, increasing fresh air in the room, or increasing air flow in front of the heaters. Then, prior to starting the heater in the winter, make sure it's clean. For their baseboard heaters, Cadet recommends that you remove the front cover, and use a vacuum to clean out the inside of the heater before starting it for the season. Be sure the power is off before removing the front cover, and be careful not to damage the aluminum fins inside the heater. Q: We have a fireplace insert. At times...