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Inman Blog challenge: Rate these wild tales

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Editor's note: Inman News made a call to action for readers to share the details of their weirdest real estate transactions and we have a collection compiled at the Inman News Blog. We picked the following story, which we thought was the funniest. We're asking readers to join in and vote. Click here to read the stories so far or leave your own, and then comment on which one was best. (Story offered by "Richard E.P." -- thanks for sharing, Richard!) It was about 22 years ago and I was working on a tight deadline with some buyers. We were doing the back and forth with counteroffers and I had only until midnight to get all my signatures to make the deal. I could not arrange for both buyers to be home together to meet me in time so I said I would meet her at work. Turns out she was a bartender/manager in a local strip club. Just before midnight I go walking into the bar in my suit, trench coat, etc., and carrying my briefcase with me, and it happened to be ladies' night. Well th...