Should home buyers make backup offers?

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Missing out on a home you'd like to own can be heartbreaking. But, not all home sale transactions close, so you might have a second chance. Or, you could consider making a backup offer. A backup offer is an offer that is negotiated like any other offer until the buyers and sellers reach a price and terms that are mutually acceptable. A unique term of the agreement is that it is accepted as a backup offer subject to the collapse of a previously accepted offer that is in primary position. In an active, low inventory market, a seller might receive multiple offers and accept more than one backup offer. In this case, the backup offers would be ranked. For example, backup offer #3 would be subject to the collapse of backup offer #2 and backup offer #2 would be subject to the collapse of the primary offer. Backup offers also come into play in softer markets. The best listings at the best prices attract the most buyer attention regardless of market conditions. Even in a slow market a prime ...