Get your fence off my property!

Can homeowner legally remove neighbor's partition?

DEAR BOB: I bought a land parcel at a government auction. I won over another bidder who owns a neighboring property. He is angry at me because I outbid him. His fence encroaches onto my land. Six months ago, I wrote to him, requiring he remove his fence. Can I remove the fence myself? --Tatyana B. DEAR TATYANA: If you are 100 percent absolutely, positively certain the fence is on your side of the correct boundary line, as shown by a recent survey, it is your fence. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. What is the purpose of the fence? Does it keep animals from straying? Before removing the fence, check applicable state and local laws to see if the property must be fenced. Before taking action, please consult a local real estate attorney to be certain you don't make a costly mistake. BUYING A REPLACEMENT HOME WON'T AVOID HOME-SALE TAX DEAR BOB: If I sell my home in less than the two-year limit for that Internal Revenue Code 121 tax exemption, is there a tax law about buying a replace...