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Real estate catches up with consumers online

Part 1: New age of online marketing and ROI

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Editor's note: Online marketing in real estate is quickly moving forward as brokers test new methods for reaching consumers on the Internet. Marketing choices have grown more complicated with a larger selection of Web sites to promote property listings and a growing list of lead generation and management technologies to choose from. In this three-part series, we take a look at new broker strategies and where new partnerships are cropping up. (Read Part 2 and Part 3.) Real estate marketing on the Internet -- though still in its infancy -- is maturing. Those early questions about where to market properties online have evolved to questions about which Web sites reach the largest audience and produce the best results and metrics for the lowest cost while not interfering with the interaction of consumers and real estate professionals. Offline business strategies are moving to online venues as whiz-bang Internet innovators adopt brick-and-mortar fundamentals, and a growing number of rea...