Mortgage co-signer’s name shouldn’t be on title

Will quitclaiming interest to relatives have tax consequences?

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DEAR BOB: About five years ago, I co-signed a home mortgage for my nephew and his wife. They were newlyweds buying their first home. They both had great jobs and great income, but no credit history so I volunteered to help them get a mortgage loan at my bank. Since then, they have done very well. He has been promoted about five times and now earns more than I do. She recently "retired" to have a baby boy, which they named after me. However, when I co-signed their mortgage, the bank insisted I go on the title to their modest house, which I did. They recently refinanced the mortgage to take out some tax-free cash so I am now off the mortgage. But I am still on the title, although there is no reason for that. When I mentioned to my lawyer I plan to sign a quitclaim deed to them, he advised me not to do so because that would create a gift tax situation. As I never paid any cash for the house, have no equity interest in it, and was merely on the title as a convenience, do you think I have a...