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Bubble believer or bubble debunker

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Editor's note: The following excerpt is from the Inman News Blog. We're digging into the bubble phenomenon from all angles and would love to hear your opinion on issues described below. Click here to join the discussion at the Inman News Blog. Bubble believer or bubble debunker Many blogs have been born around the notion of a housing bubble. The definition of housing bubbles; explanations for their formation and fate, size and location; and the very existence of housing bubbles have fueled arguments among real estate enthusiasts and experts alike for several years. And everybody seems to have an opinion. The debate has inspired T-shirt designs and sales of other bubble-related memorabilia. Is this the real estate equivalent of the global warming issue? Will there ever be a unifying bubble theory or are we doomed to never find a consensus? Inman News wants to know: 1) What makes you a real estate bubble believer, a bubble debunker, or bubble neutral? 2) How do you define a housing bubb...