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Who does open house really benefit?

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Editor's note: The following is a user-contributed article on InmanWiki, an online real estate encyclopedia launched by Inman News. This piece shows how industry experts can strut their stuff on the wiki and contribute solid articles with useful information for consumers and professionals alike. After logging in, readers can go to articles on InmanWiki and click on the "Discussion" tab to add comments or "Edit" to make changes. To get started creating your own articles on InmanWiki, simply go to the home page at and follow the steps under "Participate." The Open House has been a mainstay of real estate sales for many years. The house to be sold is cleaned up, painted, landscaped, primped and polished to a spit-shine. Agents produce flyers listing features and benefits, put cookies in the oven to make the place smell "home-like," and engage all the potential buyers who walk through. The buyers are enthralled by the home and write full price offers on the spot. A con...