Future neighborhood construction may hurt resale value

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It doesn't take much to throw a buyer off track. Prospective sellers should keep this in mind as they prepare their home for sale. It's easy to concentrate on making your home look good but overlook other factors that could impede the sale. Fear of the unknown will send buyers running in the opposite direction. For example, you may take pride in the fact that your home is located next to a vacant lot. There's no building adjacent to yours to obstruct the view or the quality of light. From a buyer's perspective, the feature you relish might be a serious drawback. What if someone builds a monstrosity next door that blocks the light and diminishes the view? Many buyers will pass on a house like this and keep looking, particularly if there are many other homes on the market. Buyers who aren't dissuaded might require a price concession to compensate for the expected loss of value once the house next door is built. One solution to the uncertainty, if you can pick when you sell, is to wait...