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The rise of real estate bubble blogs

Bloggers offer research, counterpoint to 'industry speak'

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Editor's note: This article is the introductory piece to a series looking at housing-bubble bloggers. Following this article, Inman News will publish several Q&A interviews with individual bubble bloggers throughout the week. The list reads like a prophecy for real estate Armageddon: The Housing Bubble, Housing Panic, Housing Doom, Ready to Burst, Bubble Meter, Southern California Real Estate Bubble Crash, Seattle Bubble, The Jersey Shore Real Estate Bubble, Southern Maryland Housing Bubble News -- and the list goes on and on. These are titles for real estate blog sites among a giant genre that is devoted to a discussion on housing bubbles and the possibility of a real estate market crash. Despite the sensationalist blog names, the creators say their aim is not to scare people into hiding. Rather, they want to empower consumers with information and commentary about real estate and economic statistics so that they can make more informed decisions about housing. The content at the...