‘Nothing down’ home-buying book debuts

Author reveals personal profit experiences

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Don't be misled by the title "Nothing Down for Women" by Robert G. Allen and Karen Nelson Bell. Men should also study its techniques. Although written primarily by Bell, a former Las Vegas show producer, to show how she and her late husband, Duncan, became multimillionaire investors using Allen's no-cash methods, Allen contributes his "Bobservations" at the end of each chapter. Based on the revolutionary "Nothing Down" book by Allen written in the 1980s, this new book shows how Bell and her husband applied those methods to jumpstart their investment careers to become millionaires in four months and nine days after they lost their Las Vegas show-producer jobs. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. The book even explains a few costly mistakes they made, such as buying an out-of-state house based on an appraisal by a dishonest appraiser. After that, Bell learned to buy within an hour's drive of her Las Vegas home. Each chapter (called a "helping" for some unexplained reason) explains the te...