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Winners and losers in DOJ lawsuit

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Editor's note: Inman News challenged readers to debate the outcome of the Justice Department lawsuit against the National Association of Realtors. We posed the question, "Who loses if DOJ wins?" and received an array of responses at the Inman News Blog. This article pulls from those comments. The ongoing battle between the U.S. Justice Department and the National Association of Realtors continues to strike a nerve among industry participants. The DOJ's antitrust lawsuit, filed in September 2005, accused the trade group of restraining competition in the industry by instilling overly restrictive policies for how MLS property listings are displayed on the Internet. (See latest update here.) Neither side has given any indication of backing down, with the NAR saying it will rigorously defend the accusations. Inman News asked readers to weigh in on possible outcomes of the lawsuit, posing the question, "If the DOJ wins and NAR is forced to retract policies, what is the likely chain of event...