Four’s a crowd at Gellner remodel

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Recently, in the midst of a remodel that's left lots of holes in our kitchen walls, we had an uninvited guest -- a dark-brown Norway rat who, on the first night alone, helped himself to a pretty impressive chunk of watermelon and also carried off the rubberized lids of my toddler's sippy cups. Taking the easy way out, we decided to move all the edibles into the dining room for the duration of the project. That worked for a while, until one day we noticed some big holes gnawed in a bunch of bananas. Somehow, our friend had invited himself in. On doublechecking the room, I found a rat-worthy opening high on one wall, and confidently covered it over with plywood, Still, the next morning my wife found that her tote bag had been rifled, with her stash of crackers and an apple carried away whole to who knows where. Reluctantly, I went to the drugstore and bought a rat trap and -- in case all else failed -- a box of rat poison. I baited the trap with cheese, as I learned to do from cartoon...