Make your home a squeak-free zone

Best lubricants for household maintenance

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It could be a door hinge protesting when you move it. Maybe it's a furnace pulley shrieking, or a door lock that stubbornly resists every attempt to get it to turn. Whatever it is in your house that squeaks, squeals, screeches or just plain freezes up, it's time for some maintenance work with an oil can. But which oil, when and where? Here are some suggestions: Light Household Oil: This is a petroleum-based, lightweight oil such as 3-In-One, available in a liquid or a spray. Light oils such as this are ideal for squeaky hinges on doors, screens and gates, both indoors and out. This is also the best lubricant for metal window parts, cranks, window latches, home exercise equipment, and many household tools and light machinery. Use just a drop or two, and then work the part back and forth to spread the oil out evenly. Apply additional drops as needed to work out the squeak, then use a clean cloth to wipe off any excess oil so it doesn't attract dirt. For maintenance purposes, this shou...