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Mapping-patent backers could take action against other MLSs' participants at a later time

A March 7, 2007, Inman News story, "Mapping-patent holders seek to broaden lawsuit against Realtors," incorrectly stated that, according to Lawrence Husick, REAL could choose to expand the original lawsuit to participants in other MLSs. The article should correctly read that REAL could choose to take future legal action against participants in other MLSs, according to Husick. The article also mistakenly stated that Mr. Tatro approached Ms. Sarkisian to offer a license to the mapping technology at a discounted rate. The article should correctly read that Mr. Tatro offered to buy a discounted license for Ms. Sarkisian from REAL, at no cost to her, and he hoped she would become a beta user of his Web site. Inman News regrets the errors. ...