Poor credit, no homeowner tax break

How can boyfriend deduct loan interest, property taxes without name on title?

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DEAR BOB: My girlfriend and I bought a house together in 2006 in her name because she has perfect credit. But I want to get the tax benefits. Do I need to add my name to the title or can I get the write-off without doing that first? What is the cost? --Mat R. DEAR MAT: Presuming you pay all or part of the mortgage interest and property tax payments and have proof such as canceled checks, to claim the itemized income tax deduction your name must be on the title to the residence. The reason is then you are legally obligated to make those payments or lose the property. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. If your name is not on the title to your home, you are a "volunteer" who is not required to make those payments. Therefore, you are not entitled to any tax deduction for the 2006 payments you made. However, if you have been behaving yourself, you can ask (beg?) your girlfriend to execute a quitclaim deed to you for a 50 percent ownership interest. The settlement firm or attorney...