The perfect garage makeover

Use walls, floors, storage to their full potential

When you think about glamorous, exciting remodeling projects, the garage is probably not the first space in your home that leaps to mind. But garage remodeling has become the new frontier for homeowners looking to organize and reclaim space in their homes, and to do it with flair. Depending on your tastes, time and budget, it's not difficult to create a garage space that's not only the envy of the neighborhood, but probably the envy of many NASCAR shops as well. As opposed to the typical approach to a garage, which is to put up a shelf or a cabinet whenever and wherever the need arises, today's complete garage makeover includes several elements that all come together to form a clean, coordinated, and remarkably organized space. Wall systems, modular storage, floor covering and even garage appliances all combine to make your garage work harder than you ever thought possible. WALL SYSTEMS At the heart of most complete garage makeovers is the wall system. Modeled after the ...