Co-signing mortgage becomes dad’s worst nightmare

Can credit be saved from daughter's pending foreclosure?

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DEAR BOB: About two years ago, I helped my daughter (then age 23) buy a one-bedroom condo by co-signing with her on her mortgage. She was fresh out of college with a good job at an accounting firm. About 18 months ago, she foolishly quit that well-paying job because she didn't like her boss. Since then, she hasn't been able to find another job paying as well. As a result, she is now three months behind on her mortgage payments, plus the monthly condo fees. I didn't know about this until I recently applied for a car loan and the dealer told me I was three months late on my mortgage payments and my FICO score is now only about 600. This was news to me, as I always had a good FICO score over 700. Now I learned from my daughter the mortgage lender has started foreclosure. What can I do? How can I get my name off the title? --Andrew S. DEAR ANDREW: If your daughter is now working and has enough income to make the monthly mortgage payments, she should contact the mortgage lender...