So you want to refinance?

Where you get your loan makes all the difference

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For some unexplained reason, mortgage lenders who service your current mortgage often don't want to refinance it even if you have an excellent on-time payment record. Why don't lenders want to keep their current borrowers? Only twice have I refinanced with the same lender. But it's a smart idea to start with your present lender to see what refinance terms you are offered. ASK YOUR CURRENT LENDER ABOUT A LOAN MODIFICATION. If all you want to do is reduce the interest rate on your current mortgage, ask your current lender about a loan modification to reduce its interest rate. Personally, I've never had any luck doing this because my loans had been sold in the secondary mortgage market to other "investors," but you might be fortunate to learn your lender still owns your existing mortgage and is willing to modify its interest rate to keep you as a borrower if rates have declined. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. With your current lender starting point, then you can compare o...