How to profit from real estate bubbles

New book shows you how

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Only serious real estate investors, brokers, sales agents and homeowners will read "Beyond the Bubble" by Michael C. Thomsett and Joshua Kahr. This is a serious thinking-person's book explaining so-called local "real estate bubbles" and how individuals can profit from them. The "media," such as some newspaper writers, TV and radio commentators and other book authors, have loosely used the term "real estate bubble" to refer to escalated prices that may or may not be justified by sustainable demand. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. This new book explains, after emphasizing that all real estate is very local (rather than statewide or national), the major considerations that cause property values to rise rapidly beyond normal market-value appreciation. Glaring examples of recent real estate bubbles becoming hyperinflated and then rapidly declining, such as South Florida, are showcased. Co-author professor Kahr brings his academic real estate talents to the book by explai...