Kiss your security deposit goodbye

Can landlord prove washer, dryer were damaged from misuse?

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Question: I am a homeowner and look for your column regularly. I have a garage in-law (a legally converted garage that is a rental unit) that is very cute and cozy. I have a married couple renting at the time, and they have been here nearly a year. Without going through all the gruesome details, "Dumb" and "Dumber" overstuffed my washer and dryer until they finally wore them out and now are out of order. It is very expensive to get them repaired and very expensive to replace. I have taken off $15 per month from their rent, and no longer include the washer and dryer in their rental agreement. When they move can I keep their security deposit for busting the appliances? They also warped the bathroom floor by flooding the shower, as they did not have the sense to pull the shower curtain inside the shower stall. That cost me $300 to get repaired. I don't think I should be stuck with this expense. Property manager Griswold replies: I would say that you could charge them for legitimate dama...