New-home moisture raises red flag

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Q: We're having some serious problems with the windows in our new house. They sweat, let dust blow in, freeze up, and are drafty -- even the picture windows. In cold weather, water is running down the windows, and they won't open. Our heating bill went from $30 dollars in December to $295 in January. The contractor has been out a couple of times, and I also had a representative from the window company come out. They are trying to tell me that this is "normal new-home moisture" and that the house needs a few more months to dry out. We paid for upgraded windows, and we're also worried because the one-year warranty on the house is about to expire. Now the contractor won't return my calls. What else can I do? --Stan Y., via e-mail A: First of all, given the extent of the moisture problems your house is having, I would find it very hard to believe that it's because the house has not "dried out," especially after a year. You have done the right thing by getting the window reps out there, ...