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Reacting to grocery-cart ads

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Editor's note: The following post contributed by Pat Kitano of Transparent Real Estate appears on the Inman News Blog. The blog enables readers to comment on postings and respond to other readers leaving comments in real time. Click here to join the discussion stemming from this post. Reacting to Grocery-Cart Ads Last Friday at Transparent Real Estate, I discussed how real estate marketing is still done using the mass marketing approach -- mass mailings, bus stop signage, etc. -- even at the local level. There are more efficient ways to reach your potential customer. Back to mass marketing -- I've always been intrigued with the ultimate Realtor marketing vehicle: grocery shopping carts. You never see any other profession plastering their faces (usually with a pet in tow) on these utilitarian vehicles. Sometimes they make a subliminal impression, sometimes they provoke a "whoever thought this up?" reaction and point out that these carts and their ads fall into an image of disrepair as ...