Custom window retrofit made easy

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Q: When my house was built in 1978, the windows were bricked in -- that is to say, the windows overlap the brick by one-half inch. Now I would like to update them. My old windows will have to be removed from inside the house. My contractor wants to put the new ones on the brick and not in the original openings. He says that is how the windows should have been installed in the first place. I'm not sure about this. Why can't new windows be made and installed from inside the house? If he places them on the brick, I will have to have new window sills made for all the windows in my house -- not cheap! Also the windows will have to be trimmed out with an extra piece of molding to fill in the gap. I would like your opinion. A: Without looking for ourselves it's difficult to give you the perfect answer. But, for the life of us, we don't understand why your contractor insists that new windows be installed on the outside of the brick. If you remove the existing windows, it should be a...