Pit bull’s owner throws caution to the wind

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DEAR BOB: I live in a condominium complex where one resident has a pit bull dog (a breed considered by many to be very dangerous), which he allows to run loose. In spite of several letters of complaint to our condo association board of directors, they have done nothing other than to write a letter of warning to the resident in June 2006. The pit bull continues to run loose. If this dog were to bite someone, would the board of directors and the condo association be liable because they have not resolved this issue? --Elizabeth H. DEAR ELIZABETH: If that dog injures anyone on the premises, the dog's owner would be primarily liable. But you can be 100 percent certain the condo association will also be sued for damages because they are well aware of the danger. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. The dog's owner must be extremely irresponsible to let that dog run loose. Most cities now have laws requiring dogs to be kept on leashes. In the absence of past injuries caused by t...