Checking for asbestos floor tiles not easy

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Dear Barry, In a recent column, you excused the unprofessional performance of a home inspector who failed to discover asbestos floor tiles under carpeting. I strongly disagree with your opinion. A competent inspector should take the time to pull up a corner of the carpet and check for this very condition. Even though home inspectors don't test for asbestos, they can certainly let buyers know where suspect materials are found within a home. Let's stop making excuses for these so-called professionals and hold them to the high standard they claim to represent. --JB Dear JB, If you've read this column with any regularity, you know that home inspectors are often taken to task for failing to perform their work in a competent manner. However, your expectation that home inspectors inspect for asbestos flooring beneath carpets involves a number of impracticalities. If an inspector were to "take the time to pull up a corner of the carpet," as you suggest, all that would be learned ...