Masonry saws handle any cut

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If you've got a piece of wood to cut, chances are pretty good that you have a saw sitting in your garage that's more than equal to the task. But what about those pavers for the new patio? Or the bricks for the walkway, and the ceramic tile for that new bathroom floor? For those tough jobs, you need the specialized power and accuracy of a masonry saw. Masonry saws come in a variety of sizes and styles, from small portables to bruisers capable of slicing through 10-inch concrete blocks in one pass, and can be purchased or rented depending on your needs. Virtually all masonry saws have several things in common, whatever their size. Perhaps the most important common feature is their specialized blades, which utilize a coating of diamond dust around the outer perimeter of the blade instead of the teeth commonly seen on wood cutting blades. The diamond coating is able to slice through tough, highly abrasive materials, such as brick, concrete, stucco, roofing tiles, ceramic tiles a...