Property flipping shows signs of cooling

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Virtually every type of property offers "flipping" profit opportunities. Whether you prefer buying single-family houses, condominiums, fixer-upper properties, foreclosures, rental houses, apartments, offices, hotels, raw land or other real estate, the old "buy low, sell high" principle applies to earn profits from buying at a bargain price and quickly reselling for more than you paid. The current "rage" in flipping properties -- although I do not recommend it -- is to buy preconstruction houses and/or condominiums and then "flip" (assign) the purchase contracts to buyers who will pay a higher price just before construction completion when the sale is ready to close. Unfortunately for many flippers, their local markets have become saturated with fellow speculators (not investors) and there aren't enough buyers eager to pay high sales prices when there is a huge oversupply of similar unsold new houses and condos for sale. Purchase Bob Bruss reports online. A better approach to "flipping"...