Screen doors to last a lifetime

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With the coming of summer, there's also the coming of all those pesky little annoyances -- outdoor insects, not the neighbor's kids. If you like to keep the doors open for fresh air and you have screen doors to keep out the bugs, some simple maintenance will keep those doors working properly and doing their job all summer long. CHECK FOR PROPER OPERATION The first thing to check is that the door operates smoothly and seals completely. Start by opening it a few times and watching its automatic closing operation. If the door is stiff to open or makes any kind of noise, the hinges are usually at fault. This can typically be remedied by applying a lightweight oil such as 3-in-1 or by using a spray lubricant such as WD-40. Work the door open and closed a few times to let the lubricant work, and you should be fine. If the door is the type that has removable hinge pins, remove and clean the pins prior to oiling. Most screen doors utilize a cylinder at the top or near the center of the door to...