The tenant’s fix-it request list

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Maintaining a good relationship between tenants and landlords can be maddening. How to avoid walking the tension high wire? By noticing maintenance issues that crop up and reporting them before serious damage or danger takes root. Communicating clearly to the landlord about repairs in writing is always a good idea. What types of problems should tenants typically watch for? 1. Start with your smoke alarms. Is yours chirping? Don't just yank the offending noisemaker from the ceiling or remove the batteries to quiet things down. Smoke alarms often make a chirping sound every few minutes as they get closer to their last draw of power. Some models make noise more persistently as the problem gets worse. Noisy alarms are a sign of trouble and letting the landlord know is vital. 2. Something smelly in the air? Strange odors are always a cause for concern. Odors can be caused by anything from a backed-up sewer to a deceased varmint behind a wall. If you smell something out of the ...